Watch Movie Online Without Buffering

Watching movies is a great stress buster. Previously people had to visit theatres to watch movies online. But nowadays it is possible for a person to watch movies from the comfort of his or her home at 123 movies. You can also watch movies with a group of friends or relatives very easily at home. All this is made possible with the help of internet and online sites.

A multitude of websites are available online these days which allow you to watch movies for free. Even though some websites are paid, they are still cheaper than watching a movie in a theatre by purchasing a ticket. Movie tickets are very costly and people often have to stand in long queues to get tickets these days. All these make it difficult to watch a movie in a theatre.

Even though watching movies online is much easier these days, people often have to face the problem of buffering. Buffering presents a frustrating picture and people do not like it especially when it happens in the middle of a movie .This video buffering usually occurs when the internet connection is slow or server takes a long time to respond which is a common occurrence these days. Video buffering also happens at times due to some system settings. Whatever the reason maybe, the buffering process is extremely annoying for sure.

123 moviesTo watch a movie online without buffering people should first check the internet connection in the area. Also before calling the internet service provider, restart the modem and also wait for a few minutes before plugging it on once again. It is a common knowledge that wireless connection usually faces a lot of problems instead of wired ones .You can unplug the Ethernet cable from the wireless router and connect it to the open Ethernet port of a computer for best results and to prevent the buffering process.

Check the web browser and clear any traces of cached sites or cookies. To do this, you have to click on the Tools menu if you are using an internet explorer browser. In the next step choose internet options. Now click on the General tab , go to the browsing history and click the delete button. The procedure and tabs are however different in different browsers. After doing this, the buffering process does not take place in most of the cases.

Now pause the video and let the Red loading bar beneath the video to load the video completely. Only after the video gets loaded completely should you attempt to play the video of the movie again. This avoids buffering. Also it is wise to watch movies in standard resolution as compared to the HD version .This can help people to watch movies without any interruptions owing to buffering. While watching videos in some sites like YouTube it is common to face the buffering problem especially when one attempts to download a bigger video. This can be prevented by clearing the browser’s cache and cookies before playing the video. Also check if you are attempting yo watch a video that is marked as private.

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