The Truth About Self Realization

There are numerous teachings about self awareness. But due to this, self-realization could be reduced to an intellectual encounter by many and also the chance for true enlightenment is missing. Frequently in the Advaita circles self awareness is characterized with expressions such as”I’m the ultimate. I’m already educated. Nothing is necessary outside of myself”

And these exclamations are fantastic if they’re genuinely experienced. But frequently they become an excuse to not follow a spiritual clinic, not to find the resources and methods which are pretty much essential to achieve self realization. Self consciousness is decreased to a sort of comprehension and it becomes about understanding.

Very subtly, wisdom and remarks take the position of fact. The intellectual mind stays dominant. In brief, there are just two adventures. There’s the awareness of what is here in this moment past believing. And there’s the interpretation of what’s here by the brain through believing.

So what I wish to attract your attention back to is your experience of what’s truly here. As your knowledge about what’s here has nothing to do with what’s truly here. If you close you eyes and actually experience what’s here beyond believed, it doesn’t have anything to do with believing. Even in the event that you encounter what’s here beyond idea and you come back and attempt to define it and explain it with words, the fact is missing.

That means that you may see the problem, there’s what’s beyond the mind that’s the road to self awareness, and you will find all the numerous tricks of the head to fool you into believing that you’re undergoing what’s beyond the mind. Call it shaktipat, deeksha, initiation, educated existence, religious transmission; it’s the subtle energy which obviously shines from a person who has really attained enlightenment.

By simply sitting at the existence of a person who is knowledgeable, the facts is quietly shown to you. You are feeling the bliss that’s here, the serenity that’s here. The bliss which you just feel bypasses the mind entirely. It shakes the self at the core and starts the authentic process of spiritual awakening. And by simply letting your focus to remaining bliss, you obviously wake up to self awareness.

But then we arrive at the issue of locating an educated master to sit , needing to uproot our lives and move somewhere remote in which an enlightened master resides and every one the beliefs and dogmas you might need to take to be part of the organization. That’s the reason why I created music which really does Shaktipat Transmission. Following a deep spiritual awakening and several years of study that I have found a way to flip shaktipat in to audio.

By simply listening to amazing meditation songs, this exact same bliss is awakened in you. It doesn’t have anything to do with faith or esoteric mantras. Actual shaktipat is becoming sound, making it simple for you to experience self awareness all on your own. Sitting on your home listening to some CD you can wake up the identical bliss.


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