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The Most Controversial Anti-Virus Application

MacKeeper is one of the very controversial antivirus application for Mac devices. Though it is not the first antivirus application for Mac OS, MacKeeper has been around for quite a while and moreover, it’s famous for its controversies like it can’t be fully uninstalled and will not function as advertised, etc.. To debunk the myth, we analyzed MacKeeper to know whether it is really awful like what users are saying about. So, without any additional delay, let us dive into the MacKeeper Review.

Mackeeper Camera Protection

The new updated version of Mackeeper is packed with camera and microphone protection. This attribute can block unauthorized attempt by obtaining your Mac camera and mic sensitive data. This feature empowers on/off option of this camera and mic use from the Mac menu bar.


MackeeperShredder is here to make your documents vanish like they aren’t anything. With a single click, Shredder can wipe the files you want, so the hand of God can’t find it. In addition, this wonderful feature is easy to get into. Just look at the left side below Data Control sub-category and you’ll discover it. Should you inadvertently delete the files, you can use Automatic Backup Utility to recover the documents you’ve lost. Simply transfer your files to external hard disk drive or USB flash drive, and you are ready to go. Shredder is a unique feature of MacKeeper and that I can’t complain about speed or ease of use here, actually.

Data Control Possibilities

When it comes to the aforementioned Data Control, MacKeeper is next to none. Besides Shredder and Backup, MacKeeper provides a efficient Data Encryptor that will help you keep your files safe and protected. It provides you with a total control over your hard disk, permitting you to hide your important files behind a password. I’ve often used the feature, particularly for my documents regarding business and photos. The other purpose under this sub-category is Undelete. Undelete means which you may restore the deleted documents, but only if they are marked as recoverable. Make sure you use this option in regards to important files. It will help a lot and you’re going to decrease the risk of losing your vital files.

System Scan

System Scan is one of the primary features you’ll encounter in MacKeeper and most likely use the maximum. However, as far as System Scan works well, I can not help but whine about its speed. To completely scan my MacBook Air, it took around ten minutes or more, which can be somewhat unacceptable. Do not get me I’m not a nervous person, but as I do not have more than two hundred GB of information, this shouldn’t last this long. When MacKeeper completes your System Scan, after that you can see the options to optimize your system and eliminate malware or viruses if any.

Adware Cleaner

Virus and Malware Protection

As MacKeeper is primarily an antivirus software, its strength in fighting against viruses and malware is of high importance. However, the strength isn’t that much a concerning variable, but discovery is. During my tests in malware detection, MacKeeper was able to detect around eighty five to five hundred sample malware. In terms of the viruses, the amount is almost the same, and if you look at a few of the other popular applications, this number goes all of the way up to ninty seven. In this aspect, MacKeeper is lacking in regards to the absolute cleansing power required to wipe all of the dangerous applications. Still, when it works like it should, it is not bad in any way.

Mac OS Optimization

Optimization is crucial for your Mac apparatus. If your optimization is not good, then apps will run slow and the entire system will be much slower. MacKeeper Provides a feature called Login Items, along with Default Apps. You are able to use both of these attributes to tick or untick the programs that are started as soon as you boot your PC. These programs cause major slowdowns and increase boot time, which can be really frustrating. No complaints about this one, however. It is simple to access and even easier to use. Just use the left side of MacKeeper’s screen.

Ease of Use

As we have reviewed MacKeeper features, it is time for the simplicity of use. If you want my opinion, MacKeeper claws it here. The interface is fine and simple. The left side of the display is filled with useful features that are split into several sub-categories. Furthermore, every feature is simple to use and needs a single or a couple of clicks to be used. MacKeeper displays various charts and animations to give you a sense of just how well your MacBook functions. As MacKeeper includes a great deal of options and features, you can always contact Apple certified support for assistance. Luckily, this alternative is located on the ideal side of their MacKeeper’s display. If it comes to simplicity and performance, MacKeeper is really wonderful. But, I would like a more contemporary design with more cartoons and colors.


In 1 line, I could say MacKeeper isn’t a scam and it really works as promoted, but I feel there may be bugs in the old versions, and a quick-update would have fixed the controversies. I tried uninstalling, and it did uninstall like a normal application would do.


Buying a MacBook is not that cheap, and its protection. In that instance, you want to understand what it is you are paying for and when that’s worth your money. So, is MacKeeper worth the cash? I’d say yes because it’s really cheap and provides only an ideal bang for your dollar. It’s still supporting the leading antivirus software like Kaspersky, but it is a fine replacement for those who desire a cheap, yet relatively reliable security for their MacBooks. When we put aside some of the MacKeeper’s disadvantages, then you get a pretty varied and functional antivirus software for many purposes. It helps clean your PC of unwanted software, optimize your working environment and offers some special features here and there. However if you are like me, and you’ve used Kaspersky for couple of years, you’ll observe that MacKeeper is a slight downgrade, therefore it will not be a feasible option. Nevertheless, it will not cost you much, and I’d recommend trying on your own until you buy

Why do we hate him?

The list of the issues that MacKeeper attracts is enormous. Here are the most pressing problems:

It’s marketed as the worst buyer. Other developers promote their programs using more transparent and conventional methods. MacKeeper has discovered a less ethical route and is growing with intrusive pop-ups. We experience them easily. It is typically only necessary to visit one of the sites on the grey region of the Internet and one click. A popup or folder pops up and attempts to convince the consumer to download MacKeeper. Here is one enormous Download button, and if you can’t find a button to close the window, then the move can begin automatically.

The Way to get rid of it

They’re friendly with MacKeeper and provide directions on how best to delete the program in the disk. They say that we simply need to pull the program from the Programs folder in the Trash folder just like we do with other applications. Because this is a program that’s suspiciously similar to the virus, we would rather choose a much more violent method.

What’s happening?

They say there aren’t any viruses on the Mac. Basically, it’s true, but it’s a little more complicated but we’ve been discussing the topic previously. MacKeeper is not a virus, going somewhere between adwara and malwara. The majority of us have met at least in a pop-up window. It essentially offers several services – antivirus, various kinds of optimization, fresh files management, and much more.

Why do we hate him?

The list of reasons is rather decent, here are a Few of the most serious ones:

Marketing is as offensive as it is. Normal developers have their pure methods of advertising their products. However, MacKeeper approaches a less ethical solution, pointing to various pop-ups and bookmarks. We can find them really easily. Just enter the grey zone and click once. A pop-up window or tab will pop up into your browser and try to convince you to download MacKeeper. It’s actually a big Download button, and if you do not exactly match the closing cross, it will automatically start downloading.

He attempts to deceive you in most ways. MacKeeper will constantly scare you for possible dangers to force you to buy a paid version. In 2015, the company got into a huge litigation, where they received a fine of only $ 2 million, for which they used one pocket for bite. Of course, all of the allegations were reversed.

It’s as useless as outdated USB flash drives such as the current MacBook. The Korun adds to the simple fact that he does not even fulfill one of the promised functions. Rather than strengthening and strengthening your own system, it slows down and makes it unstable. Older equipment can convert into broken pieces of iron, can cook even the most powerful machines. There’s no need to supply more reasons to not install. Now eliminate this if MacKeeper is installed on your computer.

The way to get rid of him?

MacKeeper is so stunning that he’ll give us the perfect tutorial how to re install it. According to the information, we only need to drag and drop the icon from the desktop to the trash in addition to with different programs. But here we are referring to the malware that’s necessary to kill the flame. How much easier would it be if MacKeeper did not put in it at all, did he? As soon as you delete it in the application folder, then we recommend installing a cleaning program to eliminate the residue. We can recommend a free Program Cleaner for us. He can do nearly all of the actions described above. However, you need to examine the result to do away with MacKeeper completely.

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