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Afghani Kesar Supplement To Cure Your Health

Afghani Kesar is a rare and costly spice, which is derived from a natural blossom by the title of Afghani Kesar crocus. The scientific name of the flower is Crocus Sativus also it has three stigmas that are utilized as a seasoning and coloring agent because of the exceptional aroma and temperament. Compared to the other spices of the world in terms of weight and size, Afghani Kesar the spice is the most economical and most valuable spice in the world till date. In accordance with the studies, Afghani Kesar consists of approximately 150 volatile compounds which are the principal reason for its distinctive odor. Apart from that, you will find other non-volatile active element that includes arytenoids such as zeaxanthin, lycopene and other alpha and beta carotenes.  Afghani Kesar is the best saffron brand in india is broadly used in different parts of life like cooking and medical treatments of different diseases.

It’s because of its unique specialization and features Afghani Kesar is seen as the most expensive spice and can also be one of the most adulterated components nowadays. Despite the repeated attempts to stop this practice and to establish certain high steps of standardization, Afghani Kesar adulteration is a significant source of concern in a number of the states. It is due to the same problem purchasing Afghani Kesar in many of the Asian sub-continents is a daunting task. Among the many forms of Afghani Kesar, pure Kashmiri Afghani Kesar is the most popular one due to its unique sense of taste it brings into the food thing. Adulteration of Afghani Kesar was initially found in the regions of Europe in the Middle Ages, where Afghani Kesar was found to be mixed with various types of beets, pomegranate fibers, silk fibers which were dyed reddish in colour. Aside from this pure Afghani Kesar are often adulterated with oil and diluted with turmeric and paprika. Adulteration is there in various forms including selling cheap high quality materials with imitation brand names some of which are cheaper Iranian imports. As part of the promotion gimmick they are marketed by the name of pure Kashmiri Afghani Kesar.

Afghani Kesar is among the lightest spices used in Ayurveda, Unani and Chinese medicinal preparations. The history of the plant origin and farming could be traced back to 3000 years at the region of Central Asia. The Afghani Kesar plant is flowering perennial plant. Purple colored flower of the plant occupies three stigmas. The plucked and dried stigmas are used in cooking, medicine preparations and beauty goods.

Home remedies with Afghani Kesar

Make a paste of sandal wood and Afghani Kesar. Dilute this with little water and use it as a face pack. This helps to decrease acne, pimples, dark circles, dark pigments and increase equity and glow of skin. Afghani Kesar glue when implemented on wound accelerates recovery process. When sandal wood and Afghani Kesar paste mixture is applied on the forehead, it is helpful to decrease fever and headache. A mixture of rose water and ground Afghani Kesar instilled in eyes assist to strengthen the eyesight.

Grind these almonds with Afghani Kesar and milk to create a fine paste. Mix this paste into a cup of milk to get rich, thick gold yellow kesar badam milk. Consuming kesar badam milk at night helps to rejuvenate male and female reproductive system. This helps men that are coping with erectile dysfunction, reduced sperm count, low sperm motility and premature ejaculation. Afghani Kesar must be administered in pregnant women from the third trimester.

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